E-Marketing Consultancy Thoughts

I've been thinking about offering my services as an E-marketing consultant. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who can use facebook and twitter can market a business properly. It's not enough to create a facebook page and a twitter account and start blasting away links to products or services. E-marketing through social media or web 2.0 as many would call it, is more Public Relations that it is a question of tech.

Chocolate Lovers QC Love May28

Chocolate Lovers QC Love

Everyone has an absolute favorite place in their home town or city. You know, that place where your loved ones can leave you for a week and when they come back they see you STILL with a smile on your face that would shame The Joker? For me its Fully Booked, ANY FREAKIN’ BRANCH. My siblings and I are big book lovers. Come to think of it, if it were common then, my mother didn’t need a baby sitter. She could have just left us in a bookstore, went to work and come back with us hungry but happy. But I digress. Going back to favorite places, my mother’s, she just discovered it. My wife and I were introduced to Chocolate Lovers...

The Source: Divisoria May27

The Source: Divisoria

Entrepreneur magazine featured Divisoria as a good source of raw materials and supplies for any business (except I.T.) but I hesitated to visit the place due to one very bad experience several years ago during Christmas season. You weren’t required to walk then, you just have to flow with the crowd. It was like a river of people flowing in one direction and you just had to ride the wave. When you wanted to stop and look at something, forget it, you’ll get swept up by the tide. I didn’t know if I should bring a row boat on my next visit. Thankfully, Divisoria has improved a lot these days. There are new parking spaces (near...



It’s been a long long while since I’ve written anything on this blog and a lot of things have changed. First, my wife is now with child! I’m going to be a father! First thing my daughter or son will read is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Kid Smart Kid. Muhahahaha Also...

Jedi Masters Shopping With No Credit Cards Jun07

Jedi Masters Shopping With No Credit Cards

Those who have been following my blog for a while are very well aware that even if its updated rarely (I’m so sorry, aquaman – thanks Rex Navarette) the author’s drive to succeed is unquestionable (wow speaking of myself in the 3rd person -yeck). Along my journey to building this empire I truly wish to possess and pass on (to my kids), I know that I would meet people that will help propel me to that position. I’ve met some of them over the past few years but never have I met that one person that I would want to be in the future. I want to be like Kiyosaki, Trump, Gates, Jobs, Gokongwei and many others. These guys...