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About Me

Hello planet Earth! I am David Ralph Lleno a  small serial  entrepreneur here in the Philippines. I have several  motivations for  starting a blog and my number one reason is so I can  chronicle my trials  and tribulations as a Filipino Entrepreneur.  Hopefully this will give  insight into what it actually entails to be an  entrepreneur in this  country. I do this for the sake of other people  in my chosen lifestyle. I  do this to find out more about myself as I  restrospect on my articles  occassionally. Lastly, I do this so that my  wife can check up on what  exactly I’m doing. LOL

All in all, I  do this so I can add further enjoyment, for myself, as I  traverse the  world of business. I might add some personal insights now  and then to  keep things interesting. Well, read on kapatid! I’m thinking  there’s a  lot to write about in the entrepreneurial Philippines.