Social Insecurity


The prospect of fatherhood makes you do things you don’t normally do. For example, I want to keep the house always pristine and immaculate. Also, I need to remind myself not to walk around the house naked anymore, much to the dismay of my wife (I hope). So, I finally decided to work on my Social Security.

My wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I popped into SSS main office in Quezon City to grab our SSS cards. I knew for a fact that we won’t be able to get it right away but I felt that at least we would get away with something. Lo and behold, only my mother-in-law got her card. The rest of us ran into some pretty sticky red tape.

I wonder why it’s so hard to take advantage of government financial aid such as SSS and Philhealth. My wife had to fill 4 different forms, run to and fro between her former employer and SSS. Then they needed our marriage certificate, a form telling SSS that she’s pregnant then another form telling them she wants financial aid on her delivery, then another form to get her card then an authorization letter then finally send them our baby’s birth certificate and a certified true copy of the hospital saying she had a c section, if necessary. If they snuck in a form reliquising our house and all our properties we’d barely notice. I wanted to check the forms to see if there was a clause there asking me for the soul of my first born.

Point is, in our little country, you have to bear all these on your shoulder as an entrepreneur. You have to acquire these services for your family, yourself and your employees. That’s why entrepreneurship is not for the weak-willed. You need balls of steel to risk it all and knees of oak to stand in line.