Mom and Pop Entrepreneurs

Filipino Entrepreneur, Social Media, Web Development, Mom and pop, EntrepreneurI always love to see a very successful entrepreneurial couple. They’re the best role models I have for my wife and I. Establishments run by a couple are referred to as “mom and pop” stores. I’ve seen several stores run by a couple but they usually are eateries, diners, or mostly in the small retail or food industry. However there are a good number, to my surprise, in other fields. Let’s take a look at one of them now.

I’ve been listing down a list of parts for my new PC for quite awhile now. My old PC, going 4 years old now, needs a good upgrade. So I go to my favorite tech mall, Viramall in Greenhills, San Juan. My father and I have been coming to this one store there for most of our PC needs for a number of years now. It’s called XTPro ran by a couple who are quite pleasant and still cut throat when it comes to business. They retail PC parts to individuals and businesses. They assemble them too and sell them in bulk to internet cafes. Thinking about it, they’re the first “mom and pop” ran tech store I know about.

They have several suppliers from different brands that either send them products on a regular basis or they order specific products from them. They usually do the later when your PC needs are more specific. They have a small staff of 4 people that do the sales and assembly for them. Office tools? They have one PC and one phone and a whole lot of pieces of paper for notes and hundreds of pamphlets provided for them by manufacturers for free. The expression “laway ang puhunan” comes to mind. What I find unique about them is that they know their stuff. They suggest parts for you that you don’t even know are in the market already. They bring the “Mom and Pop” care usually found in hotels and restaurants to PC retail which is absolutely welcoming to me.

I don’t know if I’m right but I bet running a business as a couple works wonders for a relationship, or not. On the one hand, you spend so much time working together. You make decisions together, talk them out. Make plans for the business, etc. And maybe these rational exercises in business, could carry over to a less rational notion like love and family. On the other hand, disagreements in your relationship could carry over to business. That right there, is a recipe for failure. I guess it all depends on the couple and the way they communicate.

I have seen several Mom and Pop businesses that have soared to amazing heights though. My primary example would be Hinge Publications, now Hinge Inquirer. A couple named Poch and Doris Bermudez started it back in 2003 they publish well known titles such as Happy, Game, Urbanliving, Northern living and the really nicely named Timpla. The company was later bought by Inquirer and converted into their magazine publication arm. Now they have tons of titles to offer for a number of different niche and wide markets.

My favorite example would be Jojo and Tina Isorena who run Better Dog. Its a canine behavior center where YOU are taught how to make your dog a happier poochie. Jojo has been dubbed the Caesar Milan of the Philippines and they have quite a successful venture.

I wonder if my wife and I can pull something similar off. Wish us luck, ‘cuz we’re definitely going for it.

Oh and by the way, for those curious here are the specs to my new PC:

Intel Core i7 2600k

ASUS B3 Stepping Sabertooth Mobo

HEC Cougar 1000w PSU

Palit Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 OC edition


Lite-on Blueray Drive