Google Plus And Social Media


We’ve become very familiar with Facebook and Twitter as social media channels in our campaigns and maybe that’s why it’s hard for other social media network entries to pull us from “the big two”. However with the introduction of Google Plus, is there a chance that we’ll be seeing “the big three”?

Google has attempted to create a social media network of their own in the past with little to no success. Perhaps they just couldn’t get a grip on what made Facebook great. Now however, with Google Plus, I’m thinking they have a chance of biting a chunk of Facebook’s users. Why? Well let me tell you!

  1. Google Plus is light. Very light. I don’t know how light it will remain but for now we hardly see any ads nor too many features. Facebook had it right before making their UI simple and easy to navigate. Google Plus is doing the same. I sincerely hope they keep it like this even after launch.
  2. Google Plus has Circles. Circles is a way of organizing your “contacts” in a way that limits cross interactivity between them. Meaning, your professional life can be separated from your home life depending on how you handle your circles. If you play it right, there will be no more embarrassing pictures of you being seen by your boss.
  3. Google plus has Hangout. You can invite a number of friends to “group video chat” with you. This is a very powerful feature that I’ve always wanted from Facebook but they were not able to deliver. Now if only Google will allow us to share our computer screens turning Google Plus Hangout into a very powerful meeting tool.
  4. Mail Integration. Since you already have a google account, you get your news, mail, maps, documents and social network needs all from one service. Google provides it all. Some of you might think this is a bad thing, putting all your eggs in one basket and I am as wary as you are. But no one can deny the convenience this brings to users.
  5. Better mobile service integration in the future (MAYBE!). Google develops Android. Imagine how awesome it would be if they can integrate all the features of Google Plus into it. No more searching for contacts from your old phones and calling cards. Google plus conveniently pushes the contacts to your android phones organizing them according to your circles. AND, this is just wishful thinking, enable you to take advantage of the Google Plus Hangout feature with your Android phone! Group call anyone?

There are lots of possibilities in Google Plus and already it is loaded with features. One complaint though is that it looks suspiciously like Facebook. I don’t know how Mark Zucherberg will react to this one.