E-Marketing Consultancy Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about offering my services as an E-marketing consultant. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who can use facebook and twitter can market a business properly. It’s not enough to create a facebook page and a twitter account and start blasting away links to products or services. E-marketing through social media or web 2.0 as many would call it, is more Public Relations that it is a question of tech.

I know I have a lot to offer companies and SMEs regarding the use of social media but there is a lot to do before I can do that. Questions like how do I offer it? What exactly to do I offer? How much is my professional fee? These questions are still going through my head as I brood on my next entrepreneurial step. But this feels more like a step backward in the greater scheme of things. I know I’m supposed to stop working for myself, move from being a professional to a business owner but I feel I don’t have much choice in this arena.

One option would be to work on it myself and the second would be to train people to do it. Training sounds more in line with my plans but it will take a lot of time. Training someone to be an e-marketing consultant requires some tech knowledge, and more than that, a lot of PR knowledge. So it won’t be that straightforward.

So to my readers, any advice on my next step? Should I start training or should I offer my services first?