Chocolate Lovers QC Love

Everyone has an absolute favorite place in their home town or city. You know, that place where your loved ones can leave you for a week and when they come back they see you STILL with a smile on your face that would shame The Joker? For me its Fully Booked, ANY FREAKIN’ BRANCH. My siblings and I are big book lovers. Come to think of it, if it were common then, my mother didn’t need a baby sitter. She could have just left us in a bookstore, went to work and come back with us hungry but happy. But I digress. Going back to favorite places, my mother’s, she just discovered it.

My wife and I were introduced to Chocolate Lovers a while back by my sister-in-law. We popped in and the first thing that went through my mind was “Mama would go gaga here”. My mother runs a per order basis bakery back in Cagayan de Oro. She makes cookies, loaf breads, croissants, and loads more. I wasn’t surprised when she decided to start the business for several reasons. First, my brother is a pastry chef. He provides my mother with a multitude of recipes. Second, my mother is no stranger to baking. When I was a wee emperor and my mother a younger mother, she made ends meet by baking cakes and I remember them to be awesome.

So just today, we brought her to Chocolate Lovers and you could see her light up like lamp. So excited she dropped a sack of peanuts which exploded on the floor. So excited that the checkout counter lady was waiting for her to add more stuff before she printed the receipt. And so excited that she became frustrated that Chocolate Lovers doesn’t have a branch in Cagayan de Oro. So why would a baker love Chocolate Lovers? Let me tell you!

Chocolate Lovers has everything a baker or pastry enthusiast could ever need. They have more nuts than the Philippine Senate. They have chocolates of every variety that would shame the Goya Fun Factory (if you get this reference, you are as old as I am). And, finally they have packaging as well as wholesale pricing for flour, shortening and everything else a baker could need. They also have baking tins and chocolate molds, loads to choose from. My only caveat in getting all your supplies from them is they are a bit on the expensive side on retail and only gets slightly lower in pricing when on wholesale.

If you have to scratch that pastry itch, try and give them a visit.