The Source: Divisoria

Entrepreneur magazine featured Divisoria as a good source of raw materials and supplies for any business (except I.T.) but I hesitated to visit the place due to one very bad experience several years ago during Christmas season. You weren’t required to walk then, you just have to flow with the crowd. It was like a river of people flowing in one direction and you just had to ride the wave. When you wanted to stop and look at something, forget it, you’ll get swept up by the tide. I didn’t know if I should bring a row boat on my next visit.

Taken from PsychoakoThankfully, Divisoria has improved a lot these days. There are new parking spaces (near the 168 mall) and the off season makes it calmer and easier to navigate. One thing that did not change though is the very cheap supplies. My brother and I bought baking tins for the bakery for almost half the price you’d get in SM. We also found suppliers of paperbags (for our packaging) as well as plastics and boxes. You name it, you can probably find it in Divisoria.

I do have several things that irk me about the place though. First is the layout. Everything is so disorganized. You don’t even know where to start looking for the stuff you need. Best thing to do is wear walking shoes, bring a water bottle and extra t-shirts. Think of it as a long workout session. By the time you find what you need, unless you’re lucky, you’d have one helluva workout. Second is the distractions. I came in having a set budget for our bakery needs and spent a whole lot more on cheap (but awesome quality) shirts, stuffed toys, vegetables (yes bumili ako ng gulay dahil mura). The second one is probably a more personal problem than anything. But, Divisoria is full of cheap tempting stuff!

In conclusion and as a general guideline when visiting Divisoria I offer the following advice.

  • Parking has improved but not at all exemplary – take public transpo.
  • Wear comfortable and flexible apparel. Better yet, come in your workout clothes.
  • Psyche yourself out of buying things outside your list.
  • Take a nice shower when you get back home.