Jedi Masters Shopping With No Credit Cards

Those who have been following my blog for a while are very well aware that even if its updated rarely (I’m so sorry, aquaman – thanks Rex Navarette) the author’s drive to succeed is unquestionable (wow speaking of myself in the 3rd person -yeck). Along my journey to building this empire I truly wish to possess and pass on (to my kids), I know that I would meet people that will help propel me to that position. I’ve met some of them over the past few years but never have I met that one person that I would want to be in the future. I want to be like Kiyosaki, Trump, Gates, Jobs, Gokongwei and many others. These guys however I haven’t seen in person and shook hands with. Well, just today I met one dude that I would certainly say a Jedi Master to my being a padawan.


It all started with a project with another mentor of mine. I hesitate to name names as they are very private people. We’re currently building a payment system for e-commerce in the Philippines that will not require the buyer to have a Credit Card. Buyers can simply walk into a mini grocery or a pawnshop and even a money forwarder and pay for their online purchases there. Imagine all our e-merchants in Multiply, Sulit and Ayosdito not having to verify in their individual bank accounts if the money has been received or not. Imagine buying a PC at paying for it at a 7-11. One image comes to mind when I think about this little venture of ours (which will grow to be big I feel) is a farmer who walks into an internet cafe in a rural area, adds some industrial grade fertilizer to his shopping cart and walks into an MLhuillier to pay for it. Suffice to say, I have big dreams for this venture.

Just today after driving my empress to work, I drove and parked at the Podium to meet this industry master (from here on, let us call him Qui-Gon, in reference to the Jedi). After my friend and I talked for a couple of minutes (my friend is now Obi-Wan), Qui-Gon walks in with a huge smile on his face, shakes Obi-Wans hands and looks at me. Obi-Wan introduces us and I shake Qui-Gon’s hand, and I can feel the force flowing through him. He has a calm demeanor as any Jedi Master and his control of the force can be seen through his body language. Not proud and prudish, but serene and totally in control. He is one with the force. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan talk for a while about Jedi Master stuff as I, the padawan, listen intently to how they weave through the political intrigue within their various domains (they both have businesses in the IT industry).

After a while, Qui-Gon talks to me about our little e-commerce venture. Then he also introduces his own venture to me, which this padawan will have to use his limited Jedi Powers (my little company Hangad) to develop the backend software for. I could say that I was intimidated, but a Jedi (and a future emperor) is not intimidated. I am simply honored listening to 2 great Jedi Masters talk about being Jedi. In the few minutes we were sipping coffee at UCC, I have gathered volumes of information to help me create my own empire.

Before we parted Qui-Gon asks me about my little IT company and I got to talking about how we got started. He simply smiled and nodded his head. I simply could not control myself and told him how I envied his position as Jedi Master. He answered “Nauna lang kami ng mga 12 years.” Those words meant a lot to me. Those words meant that in that amount of time, 12 years, I could be like him. I will be a Jedi Knight, no… I will be Emperor (que darth vader theme here).