Can’t can destroy you

I have never been a fan of self doubt. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t always confident but I was raised not to say CAN’T before trying something challenging. Suffice to say I was brought up to challenge myself. My parents relentlessly pushed me to do good in school and pointed out my mistakes (It wasn’t until my adulthood that I stopped resenting them for always insinuating the importance of grades and making mistakes). They did right by me regarding challenge, they never allowed me to back down.Their biggest lesson only dawned on me late.

This is why I find myself cringing when I hear the words can’t from people I meet. The words “I can’t dance” or “I can’t do that” escape a lot of people’s lips and it sort of makes me feel awkward. I thought I was alone in this and it made me feel weird about myself. However, reading through another Kiyosaki book and the book “A Purpose Driven Life” affirmed my convictions regarding the use of the word CAN’T.

Let me simplify what they preach. CAN’T CAN DESTROY YOU. This word short of CANNOT will cut your legs from under you even before you begin to take your first step to success. “I can’t make that much money”, “I can’t run this”, “I can’t do that” limits your view of what is possible and that blinds you from so many opportunities. Using “can’t” often will turn you into a horse with blinds on, running around a track over and over until the day you die.

Open yourself up to new possibilities mga kapatid. Challenge yourself. If you feel you “can’t” dance, dance in your room naked! If you say “I can’t sing” sing in the showers! If you feel you can’t write, BLOG about something. These challenges are what separates the men from the mice and by God I am NOT a rodent.

I will be rich, I will be wealthy, I will provide for my family, I will generate jobs. YES, I CAN! How about you?