Set Your Ass On Fire

My wife and I have been thinking of getting a place of our own. So we’ve been looking around the metro for a good deal and we finally found one near Eastwood. We’re considering our finances and are currently planning at how we can afford it. So ngayon kailangan ko nang mas maging adeek sa mga racket para magkabahay! One thing I can say about getting a place to call your own is the pressure to earn that comes with it.

Robert Kiyosaki writes about leverage in his book “Retire Young Retire Rich.” He explains that leverage is one way to earn riches without shelling out your own cash. In fact, today the best businessmen do not shell out their own money. I was told Henry Sy rarely invests his own money. He merely gathers investors, pays them back with interest and keeps the paid for property. To me this is simply genius.

I would like to build on Kiyosaki’s work and add something that could function as leverage. First let’s talk about what leverage is. Leverage is something you use to gain an advantage. Much like using a lever to lift a dead weight, say a rock twice your size. Back in my article “Money out of air”, I discussed knowledge being a good form of leverage. With my wife and I gunning for a place of our own, it reinforced my believe that pressure is a good form of leverage as well.

I have a few guys working with me on my businesses and I choose them according to their HUNGER. Hindi sa di ko sila binabayaran ha, BAD READER BAD! I mean hunger in terms of motivation. One guy in particular wants to get married and start a family so he’s hungrier than most starters. Another guy has a more colorful story, he wants to be with a girl who has a set of honest-to-goodness racist parents. They don’t like his brown Filipino Ass and he’s out to get richer than they are to prove himself. Bottomline, they both have something that lights their asses on fire in the morning to keep them running.

You know what, as Emperor (haha! feeling), I hereforth declare the word “motivation” be also known as “set your ass on fire.” My wife, bless her, has set her ass on fire with our house goal so she is going bonkers on her new blog School Buzz where she intends to earn a bit from ads. I myself will start going aggressive (more aggressive if there is such a thing in my current situation) with my various entrepreneurial endeavors ‘cuz I just set fire to my own ass by getting a house.

To you my dear readers, try it out, find something that sets your ass on fire and keep it on your mind while you work. Asses ablaze!