Geeks Unite!

It’s been a long long while since I’ve written to you dear readers. This is partly due to a new venture I’ve been busying myself with lately. Before that, a little bit of news. We’re finally opening an office for Hangad IT Solutions. We’ve been quite content working from home and just throwing work back and forth through the Internet. However, circumstances have pushed us to look for an office space and finally pay for some overhead. Things change and you must change with it or you’ll end up losing money (such is the story of most entrepreneurs). Now that’s out of the way, on to the news!!

I’m starting a clothing line! Believe it or not, a guy who used to wear shorts and slippers going to class back in college is now starting a clothing line. Hell no! It’s not a fashion line like Bayo or Kamiseta, and its not a butch line like bench or guess. I’m making this one for my kind. My kind who have been shunned by society for lacking any rythmn or sense of athleticism. My kind, who have been driven to lurk in the basement playing Dungeons and Dragons because of their uncanny wit and smarts. My kind who have been ridiculed but soon… will conquer the Earth! (nakapagsimula na kami, a member of our race is already one of the richest men in the world.) My kind, THE GEEKS. To support my kind, I will start a revolution, to take pride in being a geek. No longer will we stay inside our rooms playing World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2 in search of a friend. We will go out into the world, big and proud, and I will aid it with this. Ladies and Gentlegeeks, I present to you, GEEK GEAR!


Geek Gear is a clothing line designed specifically for geeks. We will have 3 offerings, gaming, general geekiness and smart is sexy. Gaming will cater to our brothers and sisters in the gaming world with designs that will tickle their gaming fancy. Geek Gear will go around the country negotiating cross promotions with game publishers to put your favorite games and designs on tshirts, jackets and the like. General geekiness is for all our brothers and sisters who are still filling their marvelous noggins with info in their various schools. And last our “Smart is Sexy” line is for our geek bros and sisses who have grown up and are now in the corporate world either polishing their awesomeness in their careers or trying to find that one partner that will make their geek dreams come true.

Geek Gear is now being registered in the patent office ( all our designs will be patented – we have an awesome designer, who is a geek in his own way ). So to our fellow geeks, UNITE!! Look for our products in your local internet cafes. And soon, we will be in your malls! FOR THE HORDE!!