Honeymoon Part 2

In this next entry be warned, my wife has taken over my keyboard and writing this entry. Suffice to say I won’t be able to add any input besides this as she has banned me from doing so. Let this be a disclaimer, I will not be responsible for the entry below nor any result in bodily harm it will cause the readers. Enjoy mga kapatid!

Ciello dearest… OPEN FIRE!

We got our Bohol Package Trip from Plantation Bay. The inner kuripot voice in me was saying “sayang pera, magstay na lang kayo sa Cebu” but then again David and I still deciced to go, after all, first Honeymoons only happen once (malamang!diba?). We took the “Hydrofoil” to get to Bohol. It took us around 1.5 hours to get to Port of Tagbilaran. When we got there we were greeted by Ronald the Tour Guide with his big tour guide smile and tour guide shades. The trip started with the basic demographics about Bohol and its tourism industry. Here are some facts my brain managed to absorb even though I was on vacation mode.

* Bohol has a very small population, I forget exactly how small but it is small.
* Each municipality has a particular speciality or delicacy, like one municipality is assigned to broas,
another to peanut kisses etc. The local government figured it is more beneficial for everyone rather than
have everyone make calamay and start calamay wars.
* Cesar Montano is from Bohol. I don’t know how this is significant, it’s just something i remembered haha.
* Bohol is a very clean province. People either clean their yard or make babies.
* The local government takes care of the tourism industry. They make sure that all public washrooms are clean.
Some public washrooms are even air-conditioned and have wi-fi access (bahala ka na lang kung anong gagawin mo sa internet connection pag nasa banyo ka, I’m sure you can think of many ways)

Our first stop was the site of the Sanduguan or Blood compact (googling now). It was a pact of friendship sealed in blood by Datu Sikatuna, Datu Sigala and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi back in the 16th century. These guys supposedly drank each other’s blood mixed in wine to seal their BFF (Best Friends Forever). Siyempre nung andun kami, we just wanted to take funny pictures with the statues. Tourista eh!

After the Blood Compact site, we went to Chocolate Hills. On our way, we stopped by a man-made mahogany forrest. It’s that little part in Bohol that reminded me of this scene from Mortal combat. It was the fight between Scorpion and Johnny Cage. It was like we were transported to a portal to another world. Under the mahogany trees were giant centipedes that might excite you if you’re into those fear factor things, not me.

Finally we reached Chocolate Hills. They looked small from where we were standing. They looked exactly like how I see them in pictures or textbooks. What amazed me was that the hills looked so uniformed that someone must have used giant jello molds to make them. Galeng talaga ni Lord!

Another sight to see was the Loboc river. I’m sure anyone who has been to Bohol has tried the floating restaurant. The food was not that great but the scenery was impressive. The local government is very impressive in Bohol. They’ve organized the small towns to meet and greet tourists through traditional song and dance generating jobs for them. We even saw the mayor dance with the locals.

Oh and I’ve finally seen a tarsier for the first time! (*David grabs keyboard*) They look a lot like my wife when she sees me not throwing my laundry in the hamper. (*Ciello grabs keyboard*). pweh! The tarsiers are very adorable, makes me want to bring one home. They’re eerie too, the eyes, the fingers.

For our last stop before another hour and a half ride back to Cebu was Baclayon church. (*David grabs keyboard*) They wouldn’t allow Ciello to enter because she was wearing shorts. Either they’re really very conservative or very wary of varicose veins. (*Ciello grabs keyboard*) They made me wear a shaul during the tour. Saw nothing much, just really really old Roman Catholic church paraphernalia from chalices, chairs and candle holders.

All in all, Bohol is a very good place to visit. And taking a page out of my husband’s book full of opportunities for business especially since its a small town that hasn’t really gotten much attention from Entrepreneurs lately.