Patintero No More – Pinoy Gaming

I used to own an Internet cafe paid for by my parents’ wallets. They are my, ahem, “angel investors”. I’ve been a gamer most of my life as well so it kind of made sense that I’d go into gaming with my cafe and with this relatively new venture. I was one of those kids lucky enough to get a Nintendo Famicom and got hooked on trying to get that Italian plumber to that freakin’ princess who just keeps getting herself kidnapped (you’d think by now she’d hire some bodyguards but no~ perhaps Mario is part of the mafia and the princess is facinated with “The Godfather”. I don’t know). Needless to say, I was hooked and it wasn’t a catch and release stream.

I’ve been a follower of Gamespot and Gametrailers when I look for good games and to my delight, a few of my online friends (from the MMORPG Ragnarok which we’ll discuss later) called me up to talk about creating a website for pinoy gamers. The Joker, couldn’t put a bigger SMILE on my face and I was “ssooo Seriouss” (Godbless you Heath Ledger). Suffce to say, there began but wait… there’s more!

Later, for some weird reason only Salleh and Me were left on Pinoygaming. Lyle came back and we’re happy to have him, he’s in Dubai shoveling desert sand but he’s still contributing. What we really want for pinoygaming is not just money generation from ads. We want it to be the premiere games media outlet for the Philippines. The Philippine gaming industry is growing with 2.5 million online gamers currently. We want to get a piece of that action. We’re starting slow but we already have a few people helping us with the site. Ahem, arcite, ahem (a little inside joke there).

In short, we want to be the ones to tell the 2.5million gamers which games are good and which games they should avoid (Stalin vs. the Martians -eewwww). And, we want to be the media outlet companies like E-games, Level Up!, Mobius and the rest to go to for their press releases (and to give freebies too! you read that E-games and LU? We want freebies!). We’re getting there actually. Our growth was exponential. I guess pinoys were hungry for the next best gaming experience. Or they just like the colors of the site. I bet if we add something shiny we can hook them for days (woooooo shiny).

So for you gamers out there, we just launched our forums to build the community. We’re also looking for contributing writers who know what they’re talking about. BEING A GAMER A MUST. Gaming is no longer just for kids, it’s a huge industry generating millions of pesos and billions of dollars worldwide. Don’t count the gamers out. The most awaited game this year is Modern Warfare 2 and its predecessor sold 14 million copies at 50 dollars each. All that moolah can send my future kids to college, heck I’d buy the college and buy my own beach house in the states, Mickey Arroyo be damned.