Getting Married

Church WeddingI proposed to Ciello my girlfriend of 5 years last February of this year and we couldn’t be any happier preparing for the bigday this Dec. 12. So far we’ve acquired a lot of things for the wedding day, invitations, souvenirs, the venue, flowers, band and the clothing. It was a blast to prepare for all of this until it was time to face The Roman Catholic church *que Darth Vader’s music here*

I’m not a Catholic, let’s get that out of the way. Little did I know that being a non-Catholic would complicate a wedding ceremony immensely. If I were a Catholic I would only have to secure the permission of my parish, post bans (ito yung parang wanted poster mo at nang iyong partnerĀ  na nagsasabi “Itong mga pag mumukhang ito ay ikakasal sa ganitong araw, may tututol ba?”), join a seminar, get the permission then *que wedding march*. If you’re not a Catholic marrying a Catholic lady, the tribulations begin.

Unang una, pupunta ka pa sa Diocese ng Parish mo. Sa amin ay sa Cubao. There I was asked to sign a document promising NOT to ask my wife to convert and our kids SHOULD be raised as Catholics. Basically saying “if we can’t get you, don’t take your wife and your kids are ours!”. Kulang nalang may supervillain na tawa pagkatapos. After which I was made to fill up a form that will have me declare a lot of stuff, including any disabilities which listed NON-CATHOLICISM under a disability. WOW. Wala na akong masabi.

Suffice to say that the requirements were tremendous bordering on the ridiculous sometimes. I told my fiance, “To get married the Catholic way, LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH.”